Why Ultra Thin Stave?

Less Glue:

Archetype Ultra Thin shells require 95% less glue than a comparable ply shell. Glue dampens natural wood vibration and muddies natural wood tone. Less glue means a clearer tone and superior resonance.

Less Mass:

Historically stave shells have been made extra thick in order to maintain necessary strength. This caused them to have less resonance and a higher pitch. Archetype shells are only 1/4¨ thick, which is even thinner than many companies ply shells! The secret is in HD´s integrated reinforcement rings. The rings are not glued in, they are part of the actual shell. They provide the necessary strength while the thin shell wall enables the shell to resonate freely and lowers the fundamental note, thus greatly increasing the tuning range.


Vertical Wood Grain:

Vertically oriented wood grain lowers the shells fundamental note, locates the bearing edge on the end grain of the wood, which is much stronger than the face grain. It also increases the shells responsiveness and sensitivity because sound travels twice as fast with the grain than it does against the grain.

Unstressed Wood:

One Ply drum shells are bent under a great amount of heat and pressure, this changes the internal structure of the wood grain and muddies the drum´s tone as well as raising its pitch. Archetype shells are completely unstressed and in their natural state, thus producing the purest possible wood tone.