Player's Stave Series

Rock Maple 1/2" Thick Solid Stave Shells

The new Player's Stave Series features the world famous Hendrix Drums solid stave constructed shell, but unlike our 1/4" thin Archetype Stave Series shells, we left these shells a beefy 1/2" thick. This thicker shell creates a snare that will cut through any mix with ease, though it still has the warmth and sensitivity of a solid shelled instrument. We've kept the top shelf hardware features the same as on our flagship Archetype Stave Series snares, but we opted for a more classic single stage INDE throw off. These drums are offered in Rock Maple, black or natural satin lacquer finishes, and 3 standard sizes, 14" diameter by 5.5", 6.5" or 8" deep.